Wyoming 2019: Jackson Hole—Day 2


On day two in Jackson Hole, we woke to rain. In between the downpours, we browsed the few shops that had opened. Most were closed until the coming weekend when the summer season officially began. We also missed out on the aerial tram to the mountaintop; it opened the following day. Still, we enjoyed our walk around town. Later in the afternoon, the rain intensified and we were stuck indoors. Time to catch up on emails and news from home. read more…

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Wyoming 2019: Jackson Hole—Day 1

Elk with the Grand Teton Range in the background

We checked out of the Old Faithful Snow Lodge right after breakfast to make the two-hour-plus drive to the Four Seasons Resort and Residences in Jackson Hole. We had mapped out a few stops along the way and wanted to allow ample time to photograph anything interesting, and to lunch at Trapper Grill at the Signal Mountain Lodge, recommended by a woman on our flight from DFW to Jackson Hole. read more…

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Wyoming 2019: Yellowstone National Park—Day 4

Artists Paintpots Trail

Our last day in Yellowstone was a leisurely one. After breakfast, we camped out a second time on the boardwalk to watch Old Faithful blow. Arriving first, I planted myself at the front of the wooden walkway to wait for the geyser to awaken. Two photographers soon joined me. They also planned to shoot Old Faithful from a low angle and sat cross-legged next to me. Soon after, four videographers approached and asked if they could set up behind us, as they would be recording the eruption.  read more…

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