Wyoming 2019: Jackson Hole—Day 2

Dec 31, 2019 | CLON-X, Self-Publish Your Book, Travel, Writing, Wyoming


On day two in Jackson Hole, we woke to rain. In between the downpours, we browsed the few shops that had opened. Most were closed until the coming weekend when the summer season officially began. We also missed out on the aerial tram to the mountaintop; it opened the following day. Still, we enjoyed our walk around town. Later in the afternoon, the rain intensified and we were stuck indoors. Time to catch up on emails and news from home.

We contemplated canceling our dinner reservations at the Granary Restaurant at Spring Creek Ranch but kept putting it off, hoping the weather would clear. As the time neared to shower and change, the clouds still hung low and dark. Despite the inclement weather and knowing there would be no decent views to photograph, we decided to keep our reservations. Optimistic, I packed my camera gear for the drive to the ranch. During the thirty-minute trip, the clouds cleared out, leaving behind soft daylight, perfect photo shoot weather.  

At the Granary, David ordered the South Dakota Elk Tenderloin Medallions and I ordered the wild-caught Miso Glazed Skuna Bay Salmon. We had early reservations and had the restaurant to ourselves until our server set the bill on the table. Then the tables began to fill. The food and the service was good, but nothing could compete with the view.  

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