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Apr 26, 2024 | About Me, Texas

Photo credit: Nicolas Viard, article by W. F. Strong: https://texascooppower.com/how-texas-became-a-desert/

Years ago, while sorting through my mail, I tossed a magazine titled Texas Co-op Power into the recycle bin at the post office as I had done for ages.  I was certain the magazine was no more than an update on how the electric utility coop was functioning financially and the demographics of its customers – neither of which held any particular interest for me. Big mistake!

One day the magazine ended up in my take-home pile. I was about to set it aside when an article title on the cover caught my eye: “In The Care of Canines. How rescue dogs are learning to help people.” After I read it, I thought, “Wow! Have I ever been missing out.” 

This article prompted me to read the magazine from cover to cover. Yes, there were updates on how our power company was performing, but there was so much more. The articles were rich in Texas history, food, travel, events taking place around the state. Every month I found something of interest, and all of the material was educational. One such example is “Joined by a Fence” by W. F. Strong (https://texascooppower.com/joined-by-a-fence/)  

Never again has that magazine been automatically discarded.

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