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Trinidad, Part 2: Mother Sebastian

Mt. St. Benedict

For school, my parents enrolled me in St. Joseph’s Convent. Our principal, a tall, stately woman as I recall, was Mother Superior Theresa Corbie. However, the nun I feared the most was Mother Sebastian. An ominous figure in starched white, she crackled with every step as she bustled down the passages of the cloistered buildings. Her pale Irish face, as white as her garments, only glowed a warm pink if she was angered, but most times she wore a blank stare that made me wonder about her next move. Often my knuckles gleamed red from the whack of her ruler, the disciplinary stick never far from her grasp. It wasn’t until I joined Mother Sebastian’s mandatory embroidery class that I came to respect her and see her in a completely different light. Continue reading

Trinidad, West Indies – Part 1: 1961–1965


Many people have asked me, “Why were you in Trinidad?” In 1961 my father worked for Lock Joint Pipe Company. They manufactured pre-stressed concrete water and sewer pipe. The Trinidad project entailed installation of an island-wide sewage system and was estimated to take two to three years to complete. Continue reading