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Canada 2015: Vancouver—Days 2 and 3

On our agenda for the day was Granville Island, where we browsed the art galleries, shopped for souvenirs, had lunch, and paid a visit to my book designer—Fiona Raven of Fiona Raven Book Design. She was putting the finishing touches to my cover for Genocide, book three in my Darcy McClain and Bullet Thriller Series. Continue reading

No Such Thing as FREE!

Someone paid for it.

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Book Design Made Simple

This is a guest blog post from Fiona Raven Book Design. Fiona designed the covers and the interior layouts for Brainwash and Gadgets and the cover for Genocide. Inserting a USB drive as the “I” in Brainwash is a signature feature and I have chosen to continue with this look throughout the cover designs. She also split the word Brainwash to make the title larger. In Gadgets, the laser beam splices the “T” after it exits the hot air balloon. And in Genocide, the “I” is a syringe. The CLON-X  Continue reading