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Saint Barthélemy 2016: Toiny

Our villa, Rose Dog, overlooked Toiny Bay. Montana from the concierge company had suggested we lunch at the Le Toiny Beach Club. She said we wouldn’t be disappointed, and she was right. We circled Hôtel Le Toiny on our handy island map and fired up the Suzuki. Continue reading

New Zealand 2014: Dunedin

Over breakfast, Jen, Bruce, David, and I continued our conversation of the night before as though it had never ended. And again we remained at our table talking long after the other guests had departed from the dining room. To avoid having the waitstaff work around us, we moved to the living room to say our goodbyes, and we promised to keep in touch via email. It was time for them to leave for Queenstown and for us to drive to Dunedin. Continue reading