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Bluebonnets at Pace Bend Park, Spicewood, TX—Credit: Jeff Cohen,

I mentioned, ages ago, that I would only post on topics that related to my thriller series in one fashion or another. In the past, I have been quick to point out that my travel posts were not really a travel log, because each location is, or will be, settings in the series at some point.  Continue reading

Wyoming 2019: Jackson Hole—Day 1

Elk with the Grand Teton Range in the background

We checked out of the Old Faithful Snow Lodge right after breakfast to make the two-hour-plus drive to the Four Seasons Resort and Residences in Jackson Hole. We had mapped out a few stops along the way and wanted to allow ample time to photograph anything interesting, and to lunch at Trapper Grill at the Signal Mountain Lodge, recommended by a woman on our flight from DFW to Jackson Hole. Continue reading

Wyoming 2019: Yellowstone National Park—Day 4

Artists Paintpots Trail

Our last day in Yellowstone was a leisurely one. After breakfast, we camped out a second time on the boardwalk to watch Old Faithful blow. Arriving first, I planted myself at the front of the wooden walkway to wait for the geyser to awaken. Two photographers soon joined me. They also planned to shoot Old Faithful from a low angle and sat cross-legged next to me. Soon after, four videographers approached and asked if they could set up behind us, as they would be recording the eruption.  Continue reading