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Book four in the Darcy McClain and Bullet Thriller Series—CLON-X. Pronunciation of CLON-X: CLON rhymes with dawn, and X for X chromosome.

It all began with an early morning walk on the trails at Bear Creek Park in Keller, Texas. Darcy, and her canine partner in real life, a giant schnauzer, find a trash bag bobbing in the water.

In reality, what did the bag contain? What most trash bags contain—trash.

But a writer’s imagination mustn’t end there. Too mundane.

The trash bag had to be a military laundry sack issued by the army, and the sack had to contain—human remains.

Body parts, right? No, not gruesome enough. Why not pulverized flesh, and to top off the grinds—an intact human hand.

As for the remains, the Tarrant County coroner confirms them as being the body of renown geneticist—Catherine “Cate” Lord, who has been receiving death threats for her alleged research on human cloning.

Early on, suspicion falls on Fred Watts of Zyclon, an advocacy group diametrically opposed to stem cell research and human cloning.

Darcy is in Texas for two reasons: to appease her sister Charlene by attending Vicky Lord’s wedding, and the opportunity to visit her best friend Samantha Logan. Upon learning of Cate’s demise, Max Lord, Cate’s eldest brother, begs Darcy to assist with the investigation, but she resists. 

But Darcy’s biggest downfall is her curiosity. With time on her hands, she secretly dabbles in the investigation, slowly hooking herself, yet not fully committing until she receives several messages from Cate—prophesying her own demise and imploring Darcy to find her killer.

Complicating Cate’s murder investigation is the revival of a cold case that leads Darcy into a deadly confrontation with the Lord family. 

In the midst of all this chaos, Bullet helps root out Cate’s murderer. But does he have the talent to crack the cold case?