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The Garlic Papers

On a warm Friday afternoon in August, we packed Bullet into his 4Runner and left our vacation casita in Taos for the 20 mile drive to the village of Dixon. We were no strangers to the farming community, having frequented their farmers market. We looked forward to our trips—being outdoors, buying organically grown vegetables and herbs, and talking to those who live close to the land. Continue reading

My Quest For Fresh Garlic

Photo credit: Leaf Storm Press—permission granted by Stanley Crawford

What inspired this post was my quest for fresh garlic, not commercially grown garlic. There’s a big difference. What reignited the subject was my recent purchase of The Garlic Papers by Stanley Crawford, published by Leaf Storm Press, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Continue reading

Editors and Editing

Art for Gadgets by Nancy S. Hilgert Fine Art

About a month ago I was approached by a fellow writer to participate in a roundtable discussion about editors. The author championing the discussion, Jan, didn’t set any rules. She wanted an “open, anything goes” talk. Her only stipulations? We must all be currently working with a professional editor and none of us had ever been an editor or editor/author ourselves. Continue reading