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Vegetables vs Trees

First an update to last week’s post: Right on the heels of Lynette joining the Garden Gals, we had a new recruit to our “veggie pact.” Mary doesn’t grow anything, but she loves to cook. Provide her with cilantro, garlic, and tomatoes, and in exchange she’ll make homemade tamales and enchiladas—preorder and state how many—within reason of course. Continue reading

The Garden Gals

La Chiripada Winery, Dixon, New Mexico

By far, the best part of the day during the summer months in Texas is predawn; warm but not steamy. There is also a certain mystique about being up before sunrise, enjoying the dead calm that prevails. I love to peer into the nebulous shadows, searching for what wildlife might lurk there—deer, coyotes, feral hogs, foxes, bobcats, birds, any number of critters—all of which I’ve seen flying or trooping through our property on their way to Corp of Engineer land and the lake beyond.
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