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While reviewing my schedule this week, I thought about Linda McKinley a dear friend and fellow writer. Whenever I’d ask “How’s the book coming along?”

Occasionally, she’d shoot back with “Real life.”

I knew exactly what she meant. Real life interfering with our fictional lives, but what is a writer to do?

Like the medical topic in CLON-X, I’d love to clone myself. The thought of having a force of worker bees is exciting, but I can stop fantasizing. Bottom line, I will be deviating from my normal schedule and will post to my blog on a monthly basis, rather than weekly as I have in the past.

May 6, 2021: Plotlines


2 thoughts on “Blog Post Schedule

  1. Pat Krapf

    Thank you, Nancy. Your comment makes it all worthwhile. It can be work, but fun as well, and I enjoy posting to my blog. Just need to squeeze in some time for writing. Bullet and Darcy are leaning on me to get the next adventure moving.


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