A Memoir? I Think Not.

Over the weekend, while conversing with a fellow writer, I was reminded of why I started a blog in the first place. The recollection was bittersweet for it triggered another memory—the recent loss of my mother.

When I told my mother I planned to tackle my first book, she was certain it would be a memoir of my years growing up overseas. She was noticeably disappointed the moment I said, “A full-blown memoir? I’m not really interested in writing an entire book about me. I’m going to write a thriller series.”

My reply seemed as lost on her as was my reluctance to write a memoir. Looking back on my younger years, I certainly enjoyed, and learned a lot from, living in various countries and being exposed to many cultures, but I’ll leave memoirs for others to write.

I did, however, find some middle ground as I had already planned for my main character, Darcy McClain, to be my alter ego. Like me, she spent most of her formative years abroad—what shaped me, shapes her, right down the having a giant schnauzer as my constant shadow.

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