Our Literary Goals For 2020

Happy New Year, Readers

First goal— The release of book four—CLON-X—in the Darcy McClain and Bullet Thriller Series. We have our sights set on an early summer publication. 

Synopsis: Out for a run in Texas, former FBI Special Agent Darcy McClain and her giant schnauzer Bullet find a trash bag submerged in a creek. Inside are the pulverized remains of renowned geneticist Dr. Catherine (Cate) Lord, who has been receiving death threats for her alleged research on human cloning.

The Lord family pressures Darcy to assist with the investigation, but she isn’t interested—until she receives an email from Cate prophesying her own demise. Digging for clues, Darcy hacks into Cate’s computer and discovers a legal document that casts suspicion squarely on the Lord brothers.

Complicating Cate’s murder investigation is the revival of a cold case that leads Darcy into a deadly confrontation with the Lords. In the midst of all the chaos, she is stunned when Bullet tracks down Cate’s killer, but can he crack the cold case?

Second goal—Book five in the Darcy McClain and Bullet Thriller Series. The working titles of Biocode 64 and Blue Angel have morphed into a new title that I am keeping a guarded secret. 

Synopsis: Sam, Darcy’s best friend, is lured back into the CIA for a final operation. Darcy senses her best friend is in trouble, so she tracks Sam across the EU from one country to the next. Dan worries that both women are in danger and he is tailing them. 

To complicate matters, the CIA, concerned that Darcy and Dan will blow Sam’s cover—put field agents in pursuit of them. 

Meanwhile, being thrown back into the environment in which Darcy was raised, she learns a dark secret about her past, one that changes her life for forever.

Third goal—At the urging of someone we hold in high esteem, Darcy and Pat have agreed to collaborate on a nonfiction book about moi. Yes, me. Short synopsis: How a giant schnauzer transformed the Darcy McClain and Bullet Thriller Series in a major way. 

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