Love Your Photoblog. Great Travel Blog.

Thank you to my readers for the compliments, but my blog is neither one—per se. There are some beautiful and informative photoblogs and travel blogs on the Internet, and I congratulate them on a job well done. Both involve a lot of work and expertise to pull off.

When you take on a task, you might think, How hard can this really be? If you’ve never done X, then you may not realize just how hard. In my case it came down to expertise, or a lack thereof, but I can thank my current web designer, Maddee James at, for pushing me over the hump.

I was speechless, and slightly panicked, when she politely refused to upload my blog posts every week and insert photos. Too busy. “You’re smart. You can figure it out.” She agreed to pass along some tips and I could go from there. What? Are you serious? But today I can say the experience has been liberating—and fun.

A few years ago, my first web designer, Lindsay, asked if I would take “horizontal shots” of my photos, because it made them easier to integrate into my blog posts. At the time I had no idea what, or how, to create a photo gallery. In fact, as simple as it is to do, I only recently took the plunge. So I am sorry, Lindsay, for thinking, Just how hard can it be to fit photos into a blog post? By the way, Lindsay is also a professional photographer:

There is indeed an art to working photos around text and photo galleries make the task less tedious. Besides, creating a photo gallery allows you to see the pictures in their actual size rather than staring at a thumbnail and wondering what the heck you are looking at. Now I no longer dread juggling text and photos. And I’ve learned to tolerate, to a degree, that a post can look different on various devices. For a person who loves continuity, this is sometimes vexing.

All of this leads to another question asked by a reader. “I know you’re writing a travel blog, but what does that have to do with Darcy?” No, I am not writing a travel blog—per se. From the beginning my primary purpose for setting up a blog was to tie every post, in some fashion, back to the book series. As for the travel posts, some will appear as key settings in my thriller series, while others, like Utah and Colorado, will receive honoree mentions.

As the holidays loom, I’ve decided to take a short hiatus from writing new posts so I can concentrate on CLON-X, book four in my series. But with a hundred and eighty published posts to my name, I will be revisiting a few of my favorites and posting them to my blog. In between writing CLON-X, I’ll pen the next series of posts for 2019—Colorado, French Polynesia, and New Zealand, and will release a video of my first helicopter ride on the South Island of New Zealand in 2014.

Next week (12/6/18)—read about what prompted me to write a blog in the first place.

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