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This is a guest blog post from Fiona Raven Book Design. Fiona designed the covers and the interior layouts for Brainwash and Gadgets and the cover for Genocide. Inserting a USB drive as the “I” in Brainwash is a signature feature and I have chosen to continue with this look throughout the cover designs. She also split the word Brainwash to make the title larger. In Gadgets, the laser beam splices the “T” after it exits the hot air balloon. And in Genocide, the “I” is a syringe. The CLON-X cover design will have a test tube as part of the “X”. Note the title correction for CLON-X. It was brought to my attention that the title would always be pronounced correctly if I emphazied the X by hyphenating the title, so I did. And since the “X” stands for X chromosome, it makes perfect sense.

book design made simple

The book is a step-by-step guide to designing and typesetting your own book using Adobe InDesign. The authors are Fiona Raven and Glenna Collett. 

Design your book and get it to press with confidence—even if it’s your first book! Do you want to create your book cover and/or pages yourself using InDesign? Well, now you can! Follow easy step-by-step instructions to create your own book design and typeset your pages.

Learn the basics of book design from two experts:

What your book should include
Quick setup of InDesign files
Basics of cover design
Setting up your cover template
Basics of page design plus a complete set of styles for your book
Choosing appropriate fonts
Customizing a design for your book
Typesetting do’s and don’ts
Image placement, sizing, and optimization
Packaging for the printer
Tips and advice to avoid common pitfalls
Simple instructions will guide you through each stage of your book’s design: planning, layout, and going to press.

You’ll not only learn exactly what you need to know about book design, but also about things specific to book publishing, such as title and copyright pages, ISBN and bar code, page count for printing, marketing considerations, plus how to choose the best type of printing for your book.

Is DIY book design right for you?

Learning InDesign requires a good working knowledge of computer software. If you’re comfortable using other kinds of software for word processing, sending and receiving emails, and browsing the Internet, chances are you can easily become familiar with the basics of InDesign by following our simple instructions.

Want to learn more?

Please visit our website at and subscribe to our email list. You’ll be able to download chapters 1 to 9 for free to see if Book Design Made Simple is right for you.

Learn about the authors and where to buy the book at


Next week I kick off a new series of blog posts, a glossary of architectural and geographical terms used in the Southwest United States. The posts will run for several weeks. I hope you find the terms and associated photos informative and enjoyable.

Next week: A Southwest Glossary: Architectural Terms A to L.


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