Fury the Dragon

Jun 27, 2024 | About Me, Texas

The Carroll Independent School District (CISD) in Southlake, Texas, is home to the Dragons and is synonymous with sports. In fact, multiple schools within the district identify as Dragons. The more I read about the schools’ athletic programs and the dedicated athletes that participate in these sports, the more impressed I am with each participant’s dedication and abilities. The way these young athletes excel is admirable. I’ve never been a couch potato myself. In fact, I ran track when I attended the University of Oregon, but I never seriously engaged in any Duck competitions or trials. For me, it was simply . . . exercise.

Which brings me to the topic that inspired this post—Fury the dragon, CISD’s mascot. Fury is a 28-foot-tall steel and concrete dragon sculpture located along State Highway 114 in Kimball Park in Southlake. The sculpture features 304 stainless steel bones and has the largest wingspan of any stainless steel dragon in the world (40 feet 4 inches). The 8-ton sculpture was designed by acclaimed Dallas artists Brad Oldham and Christy Coltrin. The husband-and-wife team completed the project in 18 months, investing over 10,800 hours in its implementation and installation.

The idea for such a timeless piece of art came from Jeff Medici, a Southlake resident and managing partner of Medici Development Partners, which commissioned the project. In Medici’s own words, “Ultimately, Fury was created to celebrate all Carroll ISD Dragons—past, present, and future.”

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