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Pat Krapf Pat Krapf

Darcy McClain and Bullet


Praise for the series

"Krapf kicks serious butt with her ending . . . Awesome book!"
   —Kathryn Bullon on Brainwash

"An exciting tale . . . particularly appealing to those interested in the world of robotics and nanotechnology. The technical parts of the story set it apart from an average thriller."
   —Gloria Peterson on Brainwash

"Excellent page-turner. I missed a few nights of sleep for this one, and I'll do it again for her next offering!"
   —George Bartel on Brainwash

"Brainwash is a don't-put-it-down-until-you-finish read."
   —Pat Davis on Brainwash

"A glowing recommendation for Pat's first thriller, Brainwash. Her writing not only keeps the reader entertained, but a portion of the proceeds goes to giant schnauzer rescue."
   —Tina Fields on Brainwash

"Darcy is a bold lead character and Bullet, a lovable, intelligent sidekick . . . Pat does a great job describing the beautiful New Mexico landscape . . . makes you want to visit, but without running into the sci-fi age robots from her brilliant imagination."
   —Kelly Price on Brainwash

"Got my heart racing and at times caught myself holding my breath. Darcy's character is a smart and gutsy lady, willing to put herself at risk to solve a mystery."
   —Kaycee Calaway on Brainwash

"Don't blink because you might miss something."
   —Brenda Cejka on Brainwash

"Excellent read! Exciting and unique thriller! Pat Krapf is my new favorite author!"
   —Victoria on Gadgets

"Gadgets is an awesome book from start to finish! Love Pat Krapf's writing!"
   —Jane Chism on Gadgets

"I gave my sister a copy of Brainwash for Christmas, and she has already beaten me to reading Gadgets."
   —Kim Loeffler on Gadgets

"I love the clever plot twists in Gadgets."
   —Gloria Peterson on Gadgets

"Pat Krapf's Genocide is a tale of dark intent and evil conspiracy...an excellent action-packed mystery-thriller that touches on appalling hate crimes, twisted science and a loyalty that defies species."
   —Dianne Bylo, Tome Tender Book Blog, on Genocide (read the full review)

"Genocide is a book for conspiracy theorists,...those who love well-written and well-researched mysteries, and anyone who enjoys a really thought-provoking story."
   —Michelle Willms, Let's Talk About Books, on Genocide (read the full review)

"A thriller that could be tomorrow's headlines."
   —Joan Nienhaus, Book Reviews From An Avid Reader, on Genocide (read the full review)