Canada 2015: Lake Louise

Apr 26, 2018 | Canada, Settings, Travel

Fencing to protect drivers and wildlife.

A friend who is a frequent visitor to Canada, especially in August to escape the Texas heat, recommended the spiral tunnels as a must-see, so on our third day in Lake Louise we drove to Yoho National Park, BC. “Yoho” in the Cree language is an expression of awe and wonder.

We arrived at the Lower Spiral Tunnel in Mount Ogden fairly early in the morning and had the landmark to ourselves. We had also timed it right for another reason; no sooner had we walked up to the information plaque than a train began its ascent. We watched it snake a red path through the greenery as the boxcars climbed the switchbacks, higher and higher until the train crested our sightline and disappeared into a tunnel.

From the Lower Spiral Tunnel, we drove to the Upper Spiral Tunnel Scenic Viewpoint to snap photos of the area including Cathedral Mountain. Read more:  https://www.pc.gc.ca/en/pn-np/bc/yoho/decouvrir-discover/kickinghorse/visit/spirale-spiral

On our way to Emerald Lake, we detoured to see Natural Bridge, a natural rock formation that spans the Kicking Horse River and is located west of the quaint hamlet of Field.

Parking at Emerald Lake can be a challenge if you don’t arrive early, but we managed to find a spot at the far end of the lot. After working our way through the selfie snappers and negotiating the lodgers hiking up and down the path to the Emerald Lake Lodge, we found peace on the three-mile walk around the entire shoreline—an easy jaunt with beautiful views of the turquoise-colored water and the snowcapped mountains mirrored in its tranquil surface.

Our last stop for the day was Golden, BC. Why, you might ask? Because I love bridges. They are works of art onto themselves. The best views of the bridge can be seen on the builder’s website. https://www.flatironcorp.com/project/kicking-horse-pass/

We had planned to dine at the Fairview in our hotel but decided instead to have dinner on the balcony of our room overlooking Lake Louise, so we ordered room service—a bottle of red wine and two orders of baby back ribs with apple and fennel coleslaw—a quiet, romantic end to the day, with one of the most beautiful vistas in Canada as our backdrop.

May 10, 2018—Canada 2015: Lake Louise to Banff, AB.


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  1. Nancy

    Really looking forward to travel in these places. Your recounting and photos fuel my desire to go.

    • Pat Krapf

      Thank you.

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