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2016: New Year, New Website, New Books

In reference to last week’s blog on self-publishing, any self-employed business owner knows that you play many roles and all of them require your time, to one degree or another—which is why I am taking a hiatus from blogging. To do what?

1) New Website: While my current site has served me well, and has been a good learning experience, it is time to design an effective brand strategy that will give me an edge in the increasingly competitive literary market. Before I do so, a special thank-you to Lindsay Polyak, who has helped me in many endeavors throughout the past two years. She designed and maintained my website, uploaded my blogs, kept my social media sites current, and carried out various advertising and marketing programs for me. She is a busy woman: wife, mother of a three-year-old, full-time marketing director for a CPA firm, and owner of Lindsay Polyak Photography.

2) New Book: In the fall I will release Genocide, book three in the Darcy McClain and Bullet thriller series. The cover has been completed, thanks to Fiona Raven of Fiona Raven Book Design. And the manuscript has been edited many times, beginning with Linda McKinley, fellow writer and friend, and subsequently professional editors Caroline KaiserArlene Prunkl, and Leslie Lutz, and will be proofread by Zetta Brown.

3) Marketing Plan: This year I will also launch an aggressive marketing plan for the series, which is certain to demand a good deal of my time, but I am looking forward to the challenge.

4) Clonx. While juggling the first three tasks, I’m sure I will squeeze in time for another adventure with Darcy and Bullet as they track down Cate Lord’s killer in book four in the series—Clonx.

This is but one of ninety-three blogs I have written since the inception of my website, the first of which was posted on 3/7/14. While I am on hiatus, you can read more about my thriller series, my travels, and my writing process by perusing my blog Hardwired. And here is a good place to start:

GUEST BLOG POST: From Author Caroline Kaiser


Virginias Ghost is a cozy mystery with a supernatural twist. The inspiration for the book came from a milieu I’m very familiar with: the auction world. For those of you who don’t know, I spent about a decade and a half of my working life at a Toronto auction house heading up the glass, porcelain, and silver departments. The day I left that job, I announced to the entire staff that they’d provided wonderful inspiration for the book I would one day write (some of them looked a little worried).

I tinkered with the novel for longer than I care to admit. My goal was to publish it while I was still fifty, and I did so on September 11, 2014, just six days before my fifty-first birthday!

Virginia's Ghost by Caroline Kaiser

So what is it all about? Read on …

Antiques specialist Virginia Blythe of Gable & Co. Auctioneers is working late one night when she hears mournful wailing. Following the sound to its source, she gasps in astonishment: a breathtakingly beautiful flapper who looks like a refugee from an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel is lingering in the shadows of the company’s basement.

Later the disconsolate young woman returns to offer Virginia her diary, written in 1928. It reveals she’s the ghost of wealthy Toronto socialite Constance Pendleton. What is Constance trying to tell her? Intrigued, Virginia curls up with the diary and begins dipping her toes into the elegant opulence of Constance’s Jazz Age world.

But suddenly things go terribly awry at Gable & Co. Just as Virginia’s preparing for a blockbuster auction, some valuable porcelain mysteriously goes missing and her job is on the line. The worst, however, is yet to come. A shocking murder spins the eccentric world of the auction house into chaos. Struggling to make sense of it all, Virginia turns increasingly to the secrets of the diary.

Virginias Ghost is a tale of ghastly crime, euphoric love, and devastating betrayal in which two women transcend time to affect each other’s lives in startling ways.

Virginia’s Ghost is currently available in both paperback and Kindle form through Amazon.com, and Amazon.ca. The EPUB version is available through KoboBarnes and Noble and Chapters Indigo.

See my Facebook author page, which is dedicated to all things Virginia’s Ghost.

Praise for Virginias Ghost from book blogger Mojofiction:

“Author Caroline Kaiser is a freelance editor, but before that she worked for almost 14 years at an auction house. She uses her first-hand experience to give readers a behind-the-scenes look at what turns out to be a rather dysfunctional world. It’s a great idea, a great setting, ripe with possibilities for interesting characters, soap-opera drama, and foul play. She sets up the scene and creates the atmosphere in a realistic and inviting manner that gives the reader the ‘fly on the wall’ feeling.”

See Mojofiction’s full review here

Next week: “Working Hard—on blog posts for June.”


Self Publishing: Part 3

Caroline Kaiser Book Editor

When I received Fiona’s cover designs, I was pleasantly surprised by the extent of her creativity and the ease of the entire cover design process. We merged two of her covers into one design, tweaked colors, and a winning cover was born.

For maximum impact, Fiona split the title Brainwash into two words. She also took the images of Darcy and Bullet that I wanted on the cover and created a logo by marrying the two silhouettes to my name.

Then, she inserted the USB into the title, using it as the “I” in “BRAIN.” This set the design tone for the entire series as you will see in future cover designs.

Thrilled with the cover, we moved forward with the spine and back cover designs. Once we settled on a layout for these, Fiona and I worked on an interior design for the book, which would also carry through the entire series.

During the design process, I was also working diligently on trying to find an editor to edit Brainwash. I had contacted six and made little progress. Most were committed far into the future.

After months of searching and email-interviewing editors, I finally received three sample edits. From these three samples, I narrowed my choice to two. The first editor informed me that she was “getting out of the freelance business” and my second choice wanted to sell me a complete proposal on how to self-publish my series, in addition to editing my book. So it was back to the drawing board.

Growing concerned about the amount of lost time, I mentioned my dilemma to Fiona, who recommended editor Arlene Prunkl. But Arlene was committed well into 2014, and at this point I had already spent over six months searching for an editor. The lesson here is to start at least a year in advance to find your editor.

Fortunately for me, Arlene was more than willing to help, and within days of contacting her, she recommended editor Caroline Kaiser. Caroline had a window of time in between editing commitments and agreed to edit Brainwash.

Pleased with Caroline’s work and her ability to draw out the best in me by diplomatically but persistently nudging me to give my all to a scene, a character, or the plot, I produced a book I can be proud of. I hope she will be there for the duration of the series—to edit, to ensure continuity from one book to the next, and as a fellow writer and friend willing to brainstorm with me on future literary endeavors.

Next week: “Europe 2011: Milan, Italy – Part 1.”