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Saint Barthélemy 2016: La Langouste

Sunday night, after we left Le Tamarin and pulled into the gated drive at Rose Dog, it began to rain. It poured all night and most of Monday. David spent the day watching old movies, while I sat on the covered back patio rereading the changes my editors had made to Genocide. The weather cleared late in the afternoon, in time for a long walk around Deve to work up an appetite for dinner at La Langouste—the lobster.
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Saint Barthélemy 2016: Villa Rose Dog

We booked our villa in St. Barth’s through Luxury Retreats International Inc., an online platform for short-term home rentals with private villas in various locations throughout the world. The Montreal-based company provides 24/7 concierge services through Ici & La, a property management company in St. Barth’s. In 2017, Airbnb, Inc. bought Luxury Retreats. Continue reading