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French Polynesia 2018: Brando Island—Day 3

Day three turned out to be busy but fun. We booked the guided bird tour to see the nesting sites of the seabirds in the region. You are prohibited from beaching on Bird Island, but you can tour the waters around the island to see the birds. We were the only ones in the area, and as we glided quietly through the water, we watched and listened, in silence, to the seabirds going about their daily routines.  Continue reading

French Polynesia 2018: Brando Island—Day 2


Day two started and ended on a leisurely note, exactly as we had planned. After breakfast at the Beachcomber Café, we took a stroll along the beach. When overhanging coconut trees or other vegetation blocked our path, we waded into the shallow waters of the turquoise lagoon and swam around them, mindful of the rough reef formations that protruded from the white sands—to protect us and the reef.  Continue reading

French Polynesia 2018: Brando Island—Day 1

Tetiaroa, French Polynesia

When my husband, who has a case of wanderlust, mentioned a second trip to New Zealand, I’m pretty sure my eyes glazed over. Of course I loved the idea of revisiting the islands, but the thought of making that long flight—again—didn’t appeal to me one bit. Teasingly, I said, “Sure, if we break up the plane ride by spending some time in Bora Bora.” I should have known he would take me literally. In retrospect, I wonder if one long flight, rather than a series of flights, would’ve been a better idea. Continue reading