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Most of our readers have kicked off the summer with fun and relaxing vacation plans, but Pat, Darcy, and I are running late on ours. We’ve been working diligently on CLON-X, book four in the Darcy McClain and Bullet Thriller Series. Yes, it takes time to produce a novel, especially when you strive for perfection. In order to devote quality time to polishing the second draft of the book, getting it ready for the next round of edits, we are taking a break from posting new blog posts. 

While our goal is to shoot for a Fall release of CLON-X, we are also looking to the future with book five clearly in our sights. The working title is Angel. The novel is set in the European Union (EU). To wet your literary appetite for book five, we will be reposting about our earlier trips to the EU in 2011 and 2013. 

In Angel, Darcy and her best friend Sam are on a footrace through the EU—intent on hunting down a bioterrorist who is plotting bioattacks worldwide. Aided by Bullet, and a canine team of biodetection dogs, the marathon is on. The opening chapters of Angel are set in Dallas, but the book quickly transitions to Milan, Italy, and other foreign settings.

After Labor Day, we will resume with new blog posts, launching the Fall season with our second visit to New Zealand—the North and South Islands—and then journeying back to the US to hike Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. 

Next week: Milan, Italy. 

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